Workshops timeline

23-24 nov 09. Bergen
25-26 nov 09. Oslo


18-19 juni 10. Berlin

program;   (DAy_1)

-presentation,  general view.                                                                                                                              -showing some electronic projects
-  first steps with electricity, safety golden rules…
- standards, cables, connectors-..
- basic electronic components and more complex parts, sensors ..
- Soldering: what you need & howto                                                                                                                  -basic tools from “starter kit” to a complete full “do it yourself” sollution..                                                    - Build…..

_______ (day  2)

-connect minia to computer:  midi, multicontrol.
- puredata introduction
-minia to puredata
- “play” in the computer with the phisical data.. (visualize, filter, scale)
- puredata to other music softwares
- modifying pd patches to control  with your custom device.
- internet resources for the  friends of DIY and phisical computing..

I will provide:

minia boards + light sensors

some tools, cables, example sensors..

what you should bring:

Laptop with any kind of O.s installed

What would be great to have:


Bredboard and cables

Enclosure for your project (cd spindle box.. etc,,),

Potentiometers/ faders (100k)  and any kind of sensor with analog output can be used in this workshop. (infrared, ultrasonics, accelerometers, flexibility..)
in the links above, there are suggestions, maybe in the local electronics shop you can find something..

some tools to make holes in plastic (electric/manual drill, etc..)

some other tools that can be useful for cut, peel, srew& unscrew, glue, solder, hack, etc… (plyers, scisors, screwdrivers, multi tools..)

soft cable (to solder the potentiometers/switchers/sensors…)

own ideas…

links: (the board) (sharp infrared 50 cm) (ultrasonic, 6 mtrs) (wii accel)