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Minia is an Usb, plug n play & multiplatform device that allows the computer to comunicate with the external /physical world.   Since it´s open hardware, you can customize it and use in many ways with different kind of sensors, with differents softwares  and for different applications such Audio, video, measurement of phisical parameters, etc..

Minia comes with 6 analog inputs at 10 bit of resolution (1024 steps..)
Minia uses the Hid protocol, this is a high speed protocol that runs directly over USB so, no drivers needed for this device in any platform (linux, macosX, windows) and you will not have to deal with “comport” objects or serial port problems.
Hid has extremely low latency so the sensor response is inmediat..

Example applicattions:

You can built with it  a footswitch controller with  buttons and pedals.
you can built with in a flight simulator controller (the original application..)
you can built with it an ultra tiny midi controller with sensors..
you can build with it an interactive installation
you can wear it and measure your movements…..
you can think in a complete different application..

Video example:

Minia Open HArdware from Servando Barreiro on Vimeo.

orders by mail

price: 20€. (shipping not included)


For the digital pins, they are active at low level. that means that they will report an 1 when this pins are connected to ground..

for pushbuttons and switches, you just have to connect 1 leg to gnd and the other to the digital input.

Note: the two first inputs in the board are not operative, so the 4 digital inputs of the minia are from the Ground pin to the left.

Soft & more :

trondheim, minia+ audio mixer a.k.a “apreton livre”

Multicontrol (converts HID into midi/ osc)

howto ( minia to midi softw in w1nd0w5, spanish)

linuosxminipd (convert HId into everything..) (for w1nd users, just type “hidin” and follow the help.)


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